What is Uruk GNU/Linux?

What is Uruk GNU/Linux?

Uruk GNU/Linux is a distribution of the GNU operating system, with the Linux-libre kernel.

It comes ready for home and office use, and programs are easy to find and install.

Uruk GNU/Linux is currently based on the Trisquel GNU/Linux core , and it's came without any charge.

Uruk GNU/Linux follow the Free System Distribution Guidelines, We mean "free" in the freedom software sense, These guidelines extend the free software definition to ensure that you can use, study, modify, and share every and each part of this project under free licenses.

Uruk GNU/Linux by default ships with the most common software for popular computing tasks. Uruk GNU/Linux includes software for productivity, web browsing, email, audio, graphics, and more, and some feature like UPMS, USR and URPMI to make the user expierence more usefull and more fun.



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